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Our mission is to provide aesthetically beautiful buildings and grounds along with hidden hideaways and special places that equal or surpass our couple’s romantic expectations. We offer experience, connections, flexibility and options to customise and provide couples with their dream wedding.
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We would love the opportunity to help you and be involved in supplying design ideas and advise on helping you receive the wedding you want on Tamborine Mountain in the Gold Coast Hinterlands.

The Old Church offers you choice of small, medium, and large size spaces along with mixed desires and budgets. We are happy to help you with small elopements, tailer made intimate garden and church weddings with no receptions all the way to our fantastic indulgence full service with such inclusions you will be amazed.  

Please share your dreams with us and give us a chance to make the magic happen. Our venue in Tamborine Mountain is surrounded by nature, short trails under the forest canopy to majestic waterfalls, endless views to the horizon and some of the most spectacular birds and forest friends.

Your wedding photos at The Old Church and in greater Tamborine Mountain are sure to be spectacular!

Your reception dinner can be arranged at the Grand Chameleon, our onsite venue with indoor and outdoor seating plans, including intimate garden areas all the way to our formal ball room.

That’s why we come to work.

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The Church

A Charming Place For Your Wedding

The following wedding story might just be yours.

With butterflies in your belly yet filled with excitement, you wake to a beautiful fresh morning on Tamborine Mountain in our studio appartment.  You know today will be the best day of your life.  You have your forever Partner, your Family and all of your best friends that cannot wait to see you.

You arrive at your Bridal Suite, your sacred place for today.   It is filled with all your favourite things whilst your favourite tunes are playing through the in-build sound system.  Your bridal gown of chiffon and French lace, free flowing and effortless hangs romantically awaiting you alongside the Chantilly lace veil you’ve swooned over for so long.  Your free spirted jewellery that you’ve hand-picked is laid out on your table alongside your whimsical hand tied bouquet of Anemones, garden roses and eucalypt.  Your dearest and bests girlfriends are with you.

Whilst your make-up and hair artists are at work a gourmet platter of snacks with specialties like local cheese and crackers, the finest in season fruit and home-grown delicacies awaits whilst you sip a glass of bubbles with your oldest and dearest.

The Chapel is receiving her final touches, the beautiful windows open wide to allow the fresh mountain breeze.  Soft, silky organza in a shade of champagne drapes and joins the earthy rich timber pews and with each pew hangs a clear vase holding a single stem magnificent deep purple Peony.  The Alter is adjourned with a myriad of candles offering love and light, your signing table dressed in lace and Jasmin.

Beyond the Chapel is every photographer’s dream.  Your guests arrive to your hand pick wedding music, and a glass of bubbles.  Relaxed seating gatherings have been offered to allow them the opportunity to chat and mingle on bistro chairs of timber and iron upon the expansive manicured lawns.  There are love seats sat under Jacaranda trees adorned with chandeliers, rambling rose archways and the arbour you envisioned cascading with silk in all the colours of the rainbow blowing in the breeze.  The children are enjoying lawn games and feeding the fish whilst all the while your photographer is capturing the smiles and joy of such a majestic day.

The time has come to marry your best friend, everyone has taken their seats in the chapel, and they simply cannot wait to see you.  It’s your que to make the small journey from your sacred space.  Que your music and it’s your time shine.  Friends smile and Family cries as you make your way to the Alter.  The service is intimate and unique, just as you imagined. 

After saying ‘I do’ and leaving the Chapel as ‘just married’ your guests are entertained with a lone musician atop the stage simply recounting your mix on acoustic guitar.  Individual grazing bowls are served in paper boats comprising of fresh fruits, nuts, crackers, and mountain condiments along with your bar tender serving your signature cocktail, an Elderflower Martini.

With the formalities done, it’s time to get the party started and guests are invited to move to the function room. You’ve decided on long tables and bench seating to seat large groups of friends.  A relaxed informal bohemian style presents, raw timber tables laid with rust and beige chiffon.  Motive candle holders in colours of amber, red, crystal clear and smoke grey marry with the twinkling of tea light candles in mammoth proportions.  Centrepieces in simple glass jars filled with whimsy consisting of champagne and cream roses, forget me nots, eucalypt, olive branch, Leucadendron’s’ and berries.

Your guests are treated to an experience in your choice of cuisine.  You wanted everyone to come to Vietnam with you.  First course is Pho, served simply as you would on any street corner in Vietnam.  Guests are then to decide what plethora of condiments they may wish to garnish their ancient soup and return to relaxed dining.  Second course, well of course your guests have smelt second course ticking away on the spit roast all afternoon.  A Suckling pig is on offer.  Banh Mi, simple succulent slow roasted pork on a French baguette, again served with an abundance of sides and accompaniments on offer. Dinner is done!  We’ve created the most lavish, awe inspiring array of desert samplers for your guest, from chocolate tarts to mini cheesecakes, a cheese board that is die for and locally crafted mulled wine.

Move the tables, dim the lights, que the music and get your dance on.  The rest is history, you had the time of your life and tomorrow you live with your best friend forever.  The end

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Bring Nature To Your Wedding

Another possible garden wedding.

The garden wedding of your dreams begins, you slowly traverse through the bamboo bridal entrance walkway with fairy lights and soft blowing lace leads to your dearest loved one. A few tables and a tastefully decorated wedding arbour with white tiffany chairs for your guests.

After the service you designed you move to enjoy a picnic ground setting for light meals and laughs. A soft accoustic guitarist is quietly singing in the afternoon sun. You family and friends are happy and the children chase wind bubbles and admire the fish.

Maybe that’s a little more your style. The Old Church and be what you want.

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Something Beautiful & Private

If your wedding choice is private and modest. Maybe you’re thinking of a registry office, an elopement, a surprise wedding, or a secret wedding look no further than The Old Church. Our grounds are perfect with many beautiful small hideaways. Awesome photo spots, you can if you want, add simple food and bubblies, church photos, picnic blankets, arbours and Tamborine Mountain has the scenery and the sunset.  We have marriage celebrants and lots of associated services as well.

Reach out soon to discuss your perfect modest wedding.   

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Wedding Photos

A Memorable Spot For Wedding Photos

Traditional wedding carriages, two-metre-high photo frames, choices of arbours, Hollywood Boulevard red carpet runway. rustic barn buildings, industrial iron area, many fountains, marbel statute, row of columms in fairy lights are just some of our extras. The whole venue is a photographers dream.

Let your dream come true.

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